Hank Is a Happy Dog

Photo of Hank the dog.
Hank enjoying himself in the flower garden on a hot day. Full description.

Hank is my very first dog. He was a rescue, thrown out of his original family’s home at the age of four months for destroying a pair of eyeglasses. Hank was left to run the streets and fend for himself for several weeks, before Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue picked him up and found him his permanent home here in Chicago.

In the summertime, Hank loves to cool off in the garden’s damp dirt, which always ends up on his tongue. He seems perfectly content to relax among the flowers and leafy plants. He’s not allowed in there, but he knows how to use his cute face and happy, goofy demeanor to get away with all kinds of things around the house. And he’s always willing to pose for a photo, especially if he’s caught doing something he shouldn’t be.